Laurie Huff

Master Wood Worker

Laurie Huff is a woodworker of the highest order. She’s been a cabinet-maker and finish carpenter for over thirty years, and has vast experience with a broad array of fabrication techniques. Her depth and breadth of woodworking knowledge has dramatically increased the kind of work Trademark can offer in-house. Not only that, she’s also helped Trademark improve its woodworking shop (several of her first projects were to build pieces of shop infrastructure).

Laurie grew up in San Diego but she’s been in the Treasure Valley making beautiful things out of wood since 1991. When she’s not building things (which is rarely), she enjoys gardening, sewing, fishing, and gold prospecting. Laurie is also a Master Gardener and is working on a native plant restoration project on the “Miss Lucy” Idaho Gold Prospectors Claim site near Centerville, Idaho. She lives in Kuna with her beloved husband and best friend Chuck and her beautiful dog Everest.