Environmental Design

Creating An Experience

Entering a New Space

Experience is everything. At Trademark, we combine our passion for design and expertise in wayfinding and placemaking to create immersive environments. It is our mission to enhance spaces by creating new experiences in unexpected places. Transforming and activating a space lets visitors know they have arrived, encouraging them to connect and interact with the space. Meaningful connections leave a lasting impression on the viewer, allowing them to connect to the story your space is trying to share.

In the Workplace

Your space says more about you than you think. Providing a unique environment is more than just a coat of paint. By creating the right environment you can reduce stress and encourage company goals. The perception of our surrounding can have a very real effect on our mood and how we interact with others. Understanding and applying tailored design principles to a committed company culture can inspire, motivate, and promote communication within your team, allowing more work to get accomplished.

As your company or brand grows it is important to teach new employees, and remind senior staff, why they work so hard. Be proud of your beginnings, be proud of your brand. Instill a sense of pride in your employee’s work by giving them visual representation of their success. Emphasizing your company brand and story with unique materials and company colors helps to welcome clients, employees and guest alike—creating a memorable impression. The first impression can be everything—what do you want your space to stay about you?


Our studio is outfitted with state-of-the-art equipment and a team full of artists, creative problem solvers, and innovators. As experiential designers, we're interested in enhancing the human experience by creating work that instills a sense of pride and ownership in environments as a whole. Let us help you turn your dream into a reality.

Such as: Donor walls, desks, tables, chairs, custom shelving, lighting, unique toys and puzzles, display stands, painted murals, vinyl graphics, pedestals, awards, complete environments, public art, wayfinding, wall-dividers, unique fasteners, backdrops and so much more.