Branding + Identity

Creating a Memorable Business

Branding and identity is the cornerstone of any company and should never be an afterthought. An identity should be unique and able to speak on its own—carefully crafted and tailored to you like a fitted suit. Conceptualizing a logo requires careful and meticulous understanding of you and your company—a creative process that shouldn’t be rushed. Design is a strategic investment not an expenditure. If you fully invest in yourself and your company, your customers will too.

What Our Process Is Like

Before we can begin the creative process, we need to get to know you and your company a little better. In our first meeting we will ask you to fill out a creative brief, helping us get a feel for your overall vision and style. After all, your identity is a direct mirror of your company and its core values. With the completion of your creative brief and discussion with you about what to expect next, we will initiate the preliminary design phase.

Preliminary Design Phase

This is the fun part! We love putting our heads together as a team to conceptualize your identity. As a mixed-media studio, we take full advantage of our various mediums to help us in our creative process. From traditional pencil sketches to alternative mediums, we're continually finding ways to think outside of the box. Before we move on to digitizing your logo, we will provide you with a significant number of sketches and ideas. After choosing a direction, we will begin to refine and digitize your logo identity.

Finalizing Your Design

Once we have solidified your logo, we look to color to help bring your logo to life. Once the colors have been finalized we will provide you with a spec sheet and brand guidelines to help you with implementing your logo into various printing materials and social media platforms.

Brand Implementation

Now that your logo has been developed, how are you going to get your identity out into the public? We offer a wide-array of services that will help you market and build a brand for yourself. Create a brand people will remember, a brand people can trust.