Architectural Signage

When it comes to choosing the right signage for your space, the options can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Whether you’re a startup tech company, a boutique-style shop, or you are on the corporate side of things, your signage should be reflective of the mission and values of your company. After all, signage is one of the first interactions a potential customer will make with your brand. Whatever specialty services or products your company might offer, it should be represented in the sign. Whether it’s in the material choices, typography, or colors selected, each design decision should be intentional, carefully tailored to you and your company.

Signage Basics: Breaking It Down

Architecture: What does the existing architectural style look like for your space? Is it a modern building with sleek angles or is it a historical building with unique and playful characteristics? The existing architecture can help suggest placement, style, and material options. It’s important for signage to compliment the space in which it occupies.

Materials: Whatever you do, don’t skimp on the materials.The signage you select should dress to impress, reflecting the overall style and quality of goods and services your company might offer. Invest in high-quality materials that are impactful and long lasting.  If you’re not investing in your business, why should your potential clients?

Style: Font choice, color, and textures all play an important role in defining the your company's overall design aesthetic. Consult an experienced graphic designer to help guide you with these decisions.

Visibility: Where you place your signage is ultimately where you will be branded. Let your designer do what they do best, and consult their expertise on signage placement and optimal size.

Sign Type: Like people, signage comes in all shapes and sizes. From colossal landmarks or entryway signage, to smaller monument and building-mounted signage, each site is unique and deserves signage that adorns the space it resides in.

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