Architectural Signage

When it comes to choosing the right type of signage for you and your company—it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. At Trademark, we are here to help guide you every step of the way. We understand that each location is unique and requires careful and complete understanding of the site and its surrounding areas. From wall-mounted signage to highly engineered blade and awning signs, it has been our mission to incorporate innovative elements of design with an extremely high-level of craftsmanship to every sign we create. Let us help you stand apart from the competition.

Types of Signage

Exterior Signage

  • Monuments - Monument signs are stand-alone structures that sit apart from a building. They have their own foundation and will often display the building name and additional names of businesses within a building.
  • Landmarks - Are signs that often stand-alone and are more sculptural than monument signs. They convey information with an artistic flare.
  • Awning-mounted - Just like it sounds, signage that is mounting directly to an awning. These can be  applied to fully covered awnings or what is known as an architectural awning (an awning with no cover on it).
  • Wall-mounted - Are signs that are mounted directly to the surface of buildings. Most often, they are mounted to the facade of a building. Wall-mounted signs have the potential to become quite large if the space can allow for it.
  • Blades - Blade signs are often found hanging above sidewalks, sitting perpendicular to the wall. They offer multiple view-points, advertising to vehicle traffic and pedestrians alike.

Interior Signage

  • Room or Name Identifiers + Wayfinding - Are informational signs that help guide visitors to their destination.
  • Reception - Are interior signs or wall-elements that help reinforce your company brand by displaying your logo proudly. These are similar to wall-mounted signs but are tailored for the indoors through material choices and lighting.