Breast Cancer Awareness Police Car

It's baaack.Boise PD's Pink Ribbon Patrol Car is out once again raising awareness for breast cancer. The new car has the same graphics as the previous Pink Ribbon Patrol Car and it's all thanks to the great staff at Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke's Health System.

Posted by Boise Police Department on Monday, March 27, 2017

      Breast cancer is a treatable disease, but it must be detected early. In the spring of 2013, the St. Alphonsus Hospital and the Boise Police Department joined forces to promote breast cancer awareness. They decided to turn one of the new Dodge Charger police cruisers bright pink—something guaranteed to turn heads! Both organizations already had solid working relationships with Trademark Sign Company, so naturally they knew who to call when it came time to design and install the graphics.

Trademark’s designers came up with a striking adaptation of the existing police theme, and added numerous special accents, including a giant pink ribbon on the hood, and pink reflective license plates.


The finished car was quite striking. Once the graphics were installed, the car was cleaned, and carefully transported to the hospital.


It was unveiled at a ceremony with representatives from the police department, hospital, and Trademark sign company all in attendance. The breast cancer awareness car was put into active duty, and can be seen around Boise enforcing the law, and spreading the word about this deadly disease.

The reaction within the police force has been extremely positive—everyone wants to get a chance to drive the pink police car.