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At Trademark, we speak two languages: design and craftsmanship. We pursue visual excellence with tenacity and vigor, insisting that our finished products deliver their message with clarity, boldness, and efficiency. Whether you need a logo, traditional signage, or something completely custom, we can accurately translate your desires into the world of design. Trademark projects begin with a personal consultation. The better we know you and your business, the better we can communicate with your customers visually.

But our commitment to quality only begins with good design — it ends when you’re happily admiring your finished product. We are as skilled using power-tools as we are graphics software, and we fabricate most of our work under the same roof it was designed. By taking responsibility for every step of the process, from inspiration to installation, we are able to bring our visions to life with exacting clarity, while working efficiently, within your budget. We can design and deliver the signs or environmental features your business needs to stand out, and do so with the style and quality you expect from Trademark.



Custom Design

Whether your project is large or small, elegant or elaborate, Trademark Sign Company has the combination of creativity and technical expertise to turn your dreams into a reality. If you want something unique, and you want it well built — Trademark can help. Constructing something custom is almost always tricky and filled with unforeseen complications. The designers at Trademark have years of experience managing one-of-a-kind projects, and will save you time, money, and headaches. It doesn’t matter if your idea is rough or polished, come to Trademark for partnership in custom design.

Dimensional Signs

A dimensional sign is a multi-material, custom built, 3-D representation of a company’s logo. Nothing will set your business apart better than a well executed dimensional sign. With years of experience and a vast array of construction techniques at their disposal, Trademark’s designers can fabricate nearly anything. If they can dream it, they can build it, and build it well.

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Wayfinding Systems

A cohesive, well-planned wayfinding system is absolutely critical for any large space where people need to get from point A to point B. Hospitals, corporate offices, schools, parks, festivals, airports — all demand good wayfinding systems. Trademark can outfit your public space with the full array of signage needed to quickly and easily guide people to their destinations. Naturally, Trademark’s designers will insure your wayfinding system is as visually appealing as it is functional.


Trademark Sign Company Bishop Kelly High School donor plaque close up 3

Donor Monuments

Many large construction projects aren’t funded by a single individual, but are instead the result of the combined efforts of many. When it comes time to honor those who contributed, it is crucial that the donor monument do so in a way befitting their generosity. Trademark’s designers understand this, and can craft a unique memorial to your project’s benefactors.




If you want to extend your visual identity beyond the realm of traditional signage, Trademark can help. Custom architectural elements can reinforce your brand in a way that adds a sense of authenticity and permanence. From light sconces to door handles, from stamped concrete to etched glass, Trademark can transform an ordinary part of your building into something truly unique and special.

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Large Format Graphics

Just because an image looks good on your computer screen, doesn’t mean it will read well when it’s twenty feet tall. When it comes to large-scale graphics, Trademark thinks big. Whether you need posters or banners for an event, permanent signage for your storefront, or you want to cover the entire exterior of your building with a design — Trademark has the tools and the experience to make your large-scale graphics look good.


Vehicle Graphics

Thanks to advances in printing technology, the number of vehicles wearing vinyl graphics has exploded; unfortunately, so has the number of vehicles wrapped in excessively cluttered, poorly executed designs. While there are many situations that do require a bumper-to-bumper wrap job, oftentimes a more attractive (and less expensive) design can be found by working in harmony with your vehicle’s shape and color, instead of ignoring it. Trademark’s designers have the experience to know what will work best for your vehicle, and your business.


Window Graphics

Sometimes the simplest forms of branding are also the most effective. With a little bit of adhesive vinyl, and a lot of good design sense, Trademark can transform your windows into elegant extensions of your business’s identity.


When your event requires a custom touch, Trademark is there to help. We can tackle any project large or small, and provide you with conceptual, stylish elements that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re headed to a trade show and need a unique product display, or you have an upcoming event that needs banners or signage, Trademark’s designers won’t disappoint. With completely custom fabrication, the sky’s the limit.


Logo Design

Don’t get lost in the crowd. Having a strong, coherent visual identity is one of the best tools your business can have to help you stand out from your competitors. Trademark can provide you with not only a logo, but a whole identity suite: everything from advertising and packaging, to letterhead and business cards, to fully customizing your retail environment. Details matter, and Trademark has a unique understanding of how to integrate your brand throughout your business.



Hand-rendered artwork can convey craftsmanship and skill in a way that photography or digital imagery cannot. Whether you want simple line-art drawings, or fanciful full-color paintings, Trademark can provide you with unique illustrations for any project.

Trademark Sign Company Neurolux

Custom Hand Drawn Type

In the digital age, truly custom type is a hard thing to come by; however, at Trademark that art is kept alive and well. When you want more than just a logo — when you want every curve of every letter to be an extension of what your business represents — Trademark can do it.


When someone enters your office, is your corporate identity clear? Does the signage in your entryway set the proper tone for your company? Trademark can provide the interior design solutions you will need to make the right first impression — to employees, clients, and newcomers alike. Dimensional lettering, large-scale graphics, watermarks, and architectural elements are all tools Trademark uses to cultivate the atmosphere you want inside your office.

IRepair Trademark


Effective retail signage can mean the difference between attracting customers into your store and watching them walk by. Trademark can provide a full suite of retail identity solutions, as well as the guidance you’ll need to make the best use of your budget. Storefront signage, window graphics, interior wall designs, point-of-purchase accents, sidewalk sandwich boards, custom architectural elements — Trademark can do it all.

  • I learned through this process that if you want to feel good about the finished product you need to build relationships and trust each other. That was easy to do with Trademark Sign Company as I always felt they were looking out for the best outcome for the library. They were truly a joy to work with.

    ---- Claire Connley Interim Director, Nampa Public Library
  • Trademark Sign Company and each of their employees passionately helped us with a new brand identity and incorporated that design into many forms, including printed material and signage. Our new branding has a return on investment in more ways than one. We thoroughly enjoyed the process and outcome with Trademark.

    ---- Bill Dempsey Riche Dempsey & Associates CPA
  • It is rare indeed to have the opportunity to work with such artistic and skilled people. Trademark had not only met, but exceeded our vision as a result of listening, their artistic skills, and exceptional craftsmanship....You will not be disappointed working with Trademark.

    ---- Mark Jaszkowski Director of Development and Alumni Relations - Bishop Kelly High School
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    ---- Remy Owner State & Lemp

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